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The MD II caliper is a rugged and field-ready Bluetooth® caliper designed for efficient diameter collecting work.


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The MD II Caliper

The MD II caliper is a modern electronic diameter measuring device to collect and store tree diameters, tree species and tree heights or lengths. New features in the MD II: Icon-based menu system and possibility to name up to 100 different tree species!


MD II Advantages

The MD II caliper is field-ready, fully adapted, rugged and built tough with a balanced construction. This caliper offers an easy-to-use standard software application, designed to collect tree diameters, tree species and tree heights or lengths. The collected data is communicated directly in the field with Bluetooth® and IR or in the office with USB. The MD II is equipped with Haglöf Sweden's patented foldable jaws for easy transport and storage. It is available in various scale configurations and lengths, and equipped with our well-known, reliable non-contact measuring system. Built-in rechargeable, long-lasting batteries in terminal and SmartScale allow you to work for a long time without having to recharge. In short: The MD II is a simple and smart diameter caliper for efficient data collection!


Heavy-duty and rugged

All Haglöf Sweden products are designed for field pro's that work in extreme conditions and have high accuracy demands. The MD II caliper meets your requirements on durability for dust, shock, vibration, low and high temperatures, low pressure, radiation, salt, fog, humidity and blowing rain he said. This precision instrument is built tough, and rugged inside and out, with tested materials, and well balanced construction. High security and less tiresome fieldwork!


Want to work with your tablet or SmartPhone? No problem!

The MD II caliper has a large internal memory that can store thousands of measurement results. The memory works similar to a USB memory stick. Stored data is saved in XML file format that can be downloaded to your computer. The communication program MD II Com app for Android phones and tablets can be downloaded from Google Play and used to transfer field data. For a fuller communication solution that can present assortments, list of standing trees and more, we offer the MD II Com PC communication program.


MD II Com - Power in the field

MD II Com is an application for Android tablets and SmartPhones that can be used to read wireless data from the caliper via Bluetooth®. Data is stored as a list in XML files on the Android device. Instead of having to go back to the office, you can share the files via e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.


The MD II caliper transfers wireless data with Bluetooth®.

Use the MD II caliper with the Android app. Share data with your office straight from the field!




pdf MD II Caliper Product Sheet (659 KB)

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